Order food delivered to campus

Order food delivered to campus

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delivery + cost of food


delivery + cost of food


Choose from a variety of campus restaurants and cuisines from morning to late-night. Want to see more?

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Pay securely

Sending your order is a safe, fast process that's encrypted and authorized over Stripe and Venmo.

Delivery to your room

Order your food to be delivered directly to any academic building or dormitory. In-room delivery offered for Fairfax residents.

Built for speed and convenience


Enter your order details and receive a confirmation email in a few clicks


Your Fastplate courier is dispatched to pick up your meal, drink, and side


Get a call from your courier with a heads-up and receive food at your location

How Fastplate is different

Traditional food delivery app
  • Driver not allowed to enter student areas
  • Drivers get lost on-campus
  • Minimum order fees
  • Hidden service charges
  • Delivery straight to your location
  • Pick from a variety of local offerings
  • Get food in as little as 10 minutes
  • Deliver food and payout to bank immediately
Meal plan
  • Long lines to order and pay
  • Not enough time before class to sit down and eat
  • Favorite restaurants aren't nearby
  • Wasted dining dollars

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