Order campus food delivered to your location

Order campus food delivered to your location

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Choose from a variety of campus restaurants and cuisines from morning to late-night. Want to see more?

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Pay securely with your meal plan

Sending your order is a safe, fast process that's encrypted and authorized over Stripe. Use your meal plan's dining dollars to pay for food.

Delivery to your room

Order your food to be delivered directly to any academic building or dormitory. In-room delivery offered for Hamerschlag and Scobell residents.

Built for speed and convenience


Enter your order details and receive a confirmation email in a few clicks


Your Fastplate courier is dispatched to pick up your meal, drink, and side


Get a call from your courier with a heads-up and receive food at your location

How Fastplate is different

Traditional food delivery app
  • Driver not allowed to enter student areas
  • Drivers get lost on-campus
  • Minimum order fees
  • Hidden service charges
  • Delivery straight to your location
  • Use your meal plan to pay for on-campus and local food
  • Get food in as little as 10 minutes
  • Deliver food and payout to bank immediately
Meal plan
  • Long lines to order and pay
  • Not enough time before class to sit down and eat
  • Favorite restaurants aren't nearby
  • Wasted dining dollars

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