We're committed to solving food transportation on campus.

We want to radically rethink food delivery.

Since 2018, Fastplate has been connecting students to their favorite restaurants and peers. We are committed to building the most robust platform for food delivery at college, an environment unlike any other in terms of demographic trends.

Research shows that 80% of people don't change food delivery apps once they pick their favorite platform.1 Yet, college students have relatively cumbersome and slow platforms when it comes to ordering food delivery.

Fastplate sends the campus and local food you already love, directly to your dorm room. We can do this because students deliver your order, not drivers.

No minimum order fees, no hidden service charges, and no need to run outside to call your lost driver.

The idea of students delivering food to other students is not a novel idea. But achieving this ultimate goal requires a comprehensive solution in marketing, student recruitment, technology, design, and partnerships. This isn't easy, and nobody has been able to do it on a wide-scale yet.

As students ourselves, we understand what sort of features appeal to our generation and make a service like this enticing. And as developers and designers, we execute that vision.

Eric Cheng, CEO

Eric Cheng

Founder, CEO

As CEO, Eric focuses on making Fastplate as simple and pleasant as possible. He handles the design and strategy of Fastplate in addition to securing partnerships with our payment processors, vendors, and couriers to make Fastplate run smoothly.

Eric studies business and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Sid Domala

Founder, COO

From serving as a software engineer at Silicon Valley startups to performing critical research for blockchain-focused companies, Sid has employed his knowledge of technology, business strategy, and marketing to ensure Fastplate's business and technical operations work in-tandem.

Sid studies electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Rohan Dhesikan

Founder, CTO

Rohan is a passionate developer and innovator. He has worked as a software engineering intern at Cisco Systems, where he developed blockchain applications for network security. As Fastplate's CTO, Rohan ensures Fastplate remains on the cutting-edge as we scale our operations.

Rohan studies electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

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